AWS Transit Gateway - Setup & DEMO - announced in reInvent 2018 - Part 1

AWS Transit Gateway (TGW) is here to change things in AWS networking big time. It solves the existing problems of VPC peering limits when you try to make multiple VPCs talk to each other. Different customers were making it work with Transit VPC till now, where they were maintaining a VPC  in center and running third party software in this VPC which used to forward the traffic to other VPCs. But, managing Transit VPC was a big pain. With Transit Gateway, these maintenance activities go away. 

In this very first video, we are discussing, along with a detailed demo, about the setup of TGW and how to use it to achieve different scenarios of VPC peering. There would be further videos to discuss more complex architecture as well. 

  1. TGW is regional service. 
  2. TGW attachments will create an ENI in the subnet you have chosen.
  3. TGW is fully managed service and there is a charge for using it. Pricing depends on two factors: 
    • Number of attachments to TGW (per hour). Any partial hour is converted to full.
    • Amount of data processed (in GB). See rates here.
  4. One TGW route table can have multiple attachments associated to it. But, one attachment can use only TGW route table. 
  5. Static / blackhole routes take precedence over propagated routes. 
  6. VPCs peered via Transit Gateway cannot reference Security Groups of each other (currently).
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Now let us see the working DEMO --

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You will also learn how to use boto3 Python library. A detailed interactive video with DEMO of every step.

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AWS - Practical & Scenario based Questions & Answers

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