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We are sure that you have gone through a lot of resources already that are trying to tell you how to learn cloud. Let us keep it short. We will answer your doubts first and then give you a complete path to move ahead.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which Cloud should I learn? Which one is best?
If you are totally new to Cloud, pick any one of the top 3 cloud providers (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud). All 3 of them have considerable market presence. Want to know more? Read Gartner's Magic Quadrant Report for Cloud providers.
2. Should I learn multi-cloud? Or, knowledge of only Cloud is enough?
First, gain in-depth knowledge of at least one Cloud. Post that, it depends on how your career progresses. Multi-cloud is an accepted fact today. As a technical person, you should have knowledge of multiple cloud platforms, but learn it one after another. At least, do not start with multiple clouds in the very beginning.
3. How much time does it take to learn Cloud?
It depends on your current experience, the amount of time you can invest in your learning and the passion you show in doing hands-on work. At minimum, be ready to invest at least 6 to 9 months for a decent knowledge in Cloud space.
May I request you to watch this video to understand many of these points? 
4. I am a fresher, can I learn Cloud and get a job?
The problem of a fresher not having experience remains the same be it a Cloud related job or any other profile. Given the massive adoption of Cloud at this time, as a fresher you have good chances to start in a Cloud role if you have learnt the concepts thoroughly.
5. Which Cloud certification should I do first?
Your very first target should be to gain solid Cloud fundamentals knowledge and then hands-on experience of core services of Cloud. You should go for certification once you have some confidence in doing hands-on work. Knowledge + Certification is a good thing. Certification alone is of no use.
6. How much money will I spend learning Cloud?
All the Cloud providers give you a decent amount of free tier usage to get started. It is enough to get started, but you should be ready to spend some amount on your practice. It is an investment in your learning. You cannot learn all the important service/features just with the free tier. For training, you have a lot of free resources on the internet to learn Cloud. You can surely curate those resources and learn. Getting an experienced mentor who listens to you and answers your doubts, will cost you some money. Interaction is an important part of the learning process.
7. I have completed a Cloud certification, but I am not able to answer the practical questions in interviews.
It is a frequent problem we hear from the learners. Hiring managers are not going to ask you definitions or point-wise usage of a particular service. They are interested in knowing the actual experience you have while solving real world problems. This requires a strict learning where you focus on real-world scenarios and learn from those who have done real implementations. Check out our hands-on training.
8. What learning path should I follow?
Your learning path depends on your current skillset, current experience and your future aspiration. We will try our best to give you a path suiting your profile below.

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