Detailed Steps to create a new AWS Account

1. Go to the Amazon Web Services home page and sign up for an account.

    • Go to the Amazon Web Services home page.
    • Click Create a Free Account.
    • On the sign-in page, click Create an Account
      Note: This might be unavailable in your browser if you previously signed in to the AWS Management Console. In that case, click Sign in to a different account, and then click Create a new account.
    • Type the requested account information, and then click Continue.
    • Choose Personal or Professional.
    Note: These two account types are identical in functionality. You can choose a personal account for your personal projects or choose professional for use within your company, an educational institution, or an organization.
    • Type the requested company or personal information.
    • Read the AWS Customer Agreement, and then check the box.
    • Click Create Account and Continue.

2. Add a payment method.

    • On the Payment Information page, add a payment method by typing the requested information associated with your payment method.
    • Click Secure Submit.

3. Verify your phone number.

    • On the Phone Verification page, type a phone number that you can use to accept incoming phone calls.
    • Enter the code displayed in the security check.
    • When you're ready to receive a call, click Call me now. In a few moments, an automated system will call you.
    • Type the provided PIN on your phone's keypad. After the process has completed, click Continue.

4. Choose a support plan and sign in to your console.

    • On the Select a Support Plan page, select the Basic Plan included in the free tier.
    • Click Sign in to Console to sign in to your console.

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