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Why this BLOG?

Welcome to KnowledgeIndia friends!! Let us get started.

This blog is created with an intention to empower IT professionals who want to learn AWS in an easy manner. I request you to SUBSCRIBE to this blog by putting your email on the right side.  Do not forget to verify using the email you get.

Many of you have appreciated the content on our YouTube channel. You can visit below links and start learning AWS for free.
If you are wondering which track to choose, watch this video & you can choose (based on your skillset) which track is most suitable for you:

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  1. Blog is a good medium you have chosen where we can ask questions. Youtube isnt that helpful for q&a. Thanks.

  2. Hello,

    I am from performance testing background and aspired to become aws architect.

    So far I have seen only video(AWS - VPC, Public & Private Subnets, Route Tables, Internet & NAT Gateways) from your youtube channel. And it was crisp and to the point.

    And it helped me contemplate what activity is being done and the reason behind it.
    I am trying to practice on aws console by picking some random services and following the help guide and some online articles.

    so far I have built ec2 instances, personal proxy box, setting workspaces, basic elastic beanstalk deployment, hosting wordpress website.

    How about this approach, if you teach the audience:

    Show us few aws architectures diagram(something like this) -

    Explain us the same
    And then built it with your explanations and logics.

    I consider this as an effective approach, which would cover multiple services together and I hope this is how done in real life situation

    Let me know your comments

  3. Sir could you please cover AWS ECS service covering how to deploy docker image and other stuff like how to auto scale using ECS?


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