AWS Hands-on Training - Online from November 2020

Hello Cloud Enthusiasts, 

Thanks for showing interest in our AWS hands-on training program. We are now announcing the next batch of training for you. Please spend 5 mins and read through following points in detail and take next steps. 

  • Registration starts from 3-October-2020. The seats get filled quite soon, so be alert if you are really interested. SUBSCRIBE to our blog on this right side to get notified. Also, connect with us on LinkedIn.  
  • Training starts from 7-November-2020 (Welcome session on 31st October 2020). 
  • In case you are worried about DIWALI festival, we will have some provision for that day. We will conduct that week's session on Sunday. 
Our unique format of AWS Training does not focus on only giving concepts to the learners; rather it focuses on making them apply those concepts to solve the real-time industry scenarios. 

Mode of delivery is Online for this AWS Training. We are in lockdown currently :) 

πŸ‘‰It is a PAID training, which has its own advantages - please read further. You can also watch our free videos on YouTube anytime. 

πŸ‘‰It would have a unique combination of recorded videos, interactive time for #doubt #clearing & #practical #exercises & #assignments (both individual & group).

πŸ‘‰ It would help those who want to learn #real #hands-on work, instead of people trying to just get certified.

πŸ‘‰ It is NOT going to be aligned to a particular Certification strictly, rather it covers those topics which you require to learn to start working in Cloud with confidence.

πŸ‘‰ It would work for you, if you are a person who is interested to learn by making your hands dirty. It would require time investment and effort from you. Anyone who is interested in just sitting and listening, it is better to buy some recorded courses. 


If you think you (or any of your friends/colleagues) would be interested in joining such a training, you can show your interest by filling the form here --->>>>   READ HERE

We will invite you to our Slack channel after registration and then share complete details with you on the channel. So, don't worry after filling the form. Look for email from Slack and join it (check your SPAM, just in case). 

πŸ‘‰ LIVE sessions would happen on weekends. Time would be Saturday night IST.

πŸ‘‰ You need to commit for 6 - 8 weeks roughly.

READ the EXPERIENCE of participants from previous batch, also visit our LinkedIn to read more:


Revised YouTube Membership Benefits - KnowledgeIndia

Hello Friends, 

We hope you are constantly learning and moving ahead in your Cloud journey. We experimented with YouTube Membership sometime back and many of you showed interest. Based on the feedback & comments received, we are proposing this modification. We have made these changes from the month of September 2020NAVIGATE to our YouTube Channel and you will see a JOIN button there. Click the JOIN button and you will see the options localized based on your country.

After joining the Membership, please send us an email so that we invite you to our EXCLUSIVE monthly connect.  

Details of REVISED membership options are given below, please review and let us know in case of any questions:

  • Access to Members-only LIVE Session - You can participate in monthly LIVE Hangout Session & do LIVE discussion with me & all the members. This helps us to grow as an individual and community.
  • ALL comments on VIDEOS get replied - All your comments (on videos) get a reply and hence you get answer to your doubts. 
  • Multi-level interaction on Community tab - Members-only would be able to interact at multi-levels in Community tab using comments. This allows for better interaction. 
  • Loyalty badges would appear next to your name in comments and live chat
  • Access to Custom emoji to use in live chat

  • All perks of SILVER membership. 
  • Private Discussion & Guidance - Get to interact 15 minutes monthly TWICE. This would be a one-to-one connect using Zoom/Hangout. You can get guidance on your Cloud/career questions.

  • All perks of GOLD membership. 
  • Private Discussion & Guidance - Get to interact 30 minutes monthly TWICE. This would be a one-to-one connect using Zoom/Hangout. You can get guidance on your Cloud/career questions.

  • All perks of PLATINUM membership. 
  • Private Discussion & Guidance - Get to interact EVERY week & seek guidance. This would be a one-to-one connect using Zoom/Hangout. You can get guidance on your Cloud/career questions.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If you would like to get mentored directly, please EMAIL us with your requirements and a customized plan could be put in place for you. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

JOIN us today for continuous LEARNING !!!

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