AWS Free Tier Benefits with AWS Organizations

Hello Friends,

In this short article, we will talk about different scenarios around Free Tier benefits when you use an AWS account with AWS Organizations. There are couple of different combinations possible:

  1. In case of an independent AWS account, Free Tier benefit starts from the day of account creation. 
  2. If an AWS account is created via AWS Organization, then Free Tier benefits would start from the creation day of MASTER Account (in that Organization) and not the newly created (CHILD) AWS account.
  3. Third scenario is, if you create an AWS account independently and later on add it to AWS Organization. E.g. Account1 is created on 01-March-2019, there is another AWS Organization in which the Master account was created on 11-Jan-2019
    • When Account1 joins this Organization, the Free Tier benefit would be reset as if it is applicable from 11-Jan-2019. 
    • In case, Account1 leaves the Organization, the start date for Free Tier benefit would again become 01-Mar-2019 for Account1. 
In summary, while an AWS Account is part of an Organization, the Free Tier benefits would always be governed by the CREATION DATE of MASTER Account in that AWS Organization. 

I would like to thank Jagadish for pointing this out in our Organizations video as shown below. 

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