UPDATE: Registration & Details of AWS Hands-on Training - November 2020

Hello all, 

Thanks for showing constant interest in the upcoming training. I am happy to see so many emails from you. Before going ahead, please make sure that you have read all the points given in this post, so that you do not WAIT for answers of those things which are already written.


Okay, let's understand next steps:

  1. You need to fill this form with correct details. It asks for your LinkedIn URL (if you do not know how to find your LinkedIn profile URL, then I suggest you to google a bit and learn that). If you do not have a valid LinkedIn profile, I will have trouble getting you in the program. Please use your GMAIL address. The URL for the form is here
  2. After filling the form, you will see a success message. You will get invite for KnowledgeIndia Slack channel on your email in 24 - 48 hours after filling the form. 
  3. All the details about the program like fee, duration, course content, etc. will be shared on Slack, so don't ask that part in comments.
  4. Once you review all the details on Slack, you can ask any further doubts on Slack and I shall answer the same.
  5. Register in this program only if you are serious about it, so follow the instructions carefully. Please be patient and read all the instructions given. 
  6. Make sure you do following: 
To read the experience of previous batch learners, check the recommendations on our LinkedIn profile.


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