Important Updates from KNOWLEDGEINDIA (Quick Read)

Dear Friends, 

I wanted to share a few updates with you. 

COVID situation was (and is) bad in India. I hope you are taking all the precautions seriously. I was infected with it and have finally recovered. I hope to make videos again now. 

This blog is going to be more active with frequent Cloud related articles (not only AWS, but also Azure & GCP). 
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    • The FeedBurner email notifications are going away, so those who had subscribed earlier on this blog will not receive emails in future. If you are interested to receive updates from this blog, you can also join this Google group.

I have not put my videos on Udemy or other paid platforms. It is there on YouTube only and anyone can watch it for FREE. If you find someone using it incorrectly, please let me know. THANK YOU!

Many of you have messaged me on LinkedIn & email about the Hands-on Training Course. If you are really interested, then grab the few remaining seats quickly for AWS Hands-on Training. Read details here. The complete training calendar is available here.  

Thanks a lot and look forward to creating more videos on our YouTube channel. You can let us know your request here in LinkedIn group (but in a proper format) - no 1-liners please. 

Thanks and see you again soon in a new video!


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