Steps to join the Online AWS Training Program - 2020

Hello Friends, 

I welcome you to this Program! This is an Online Program which comprises of LIVE sessions every weekend. You could attend this easily from anywhere. Here is the structure: 

  1. There will be 1 hour LIVE session every alternate Sunday at 9am IST 
  2. A particular topic from AWS would be covered with Demo and minimal slides (15 minutes)
  3. We recommend you to study from the given material and come for this session. (See updates below)
  4. We will answer your doubts/questions from LIVE chat, based on topics as mentioned in the above point
  5. We recommend you to do the practical by watching our videos 
  6. There would also be exercises given as we move ahead and you should solve the same. We will give the solution as well.

Here is what you need to do now: 

  1. Visit and SUBSCRIBE to the channel and press BELL icon. 
  2. SUBSCRIBE to our blog - Put your email in the Text Box on right side and the verify the email you receive. 
  3. Join the exclusive Google Group for this program - 
  4. Bookmark this page as this would be the SINGLE SOURCE of ALL the information & UPDATES. You can see all the updates on this page going ahead. 

You may choose to connect with us on LinkedIn - 

What about next session? 

We are doing a slight change in the program structure. We shall be publishing the content for you to cover every week and then come to LIVE session to clear your doubts about those topics. That way, it is going to be more fruitful for you as you can get more questions answered during the session. 


You can view all the session recordings below or on our YouTube channel by clicking here

Session Recordings

Online AWS Training Series - 31st May, 2020 - Session 00

Online AWS Training Series - 07th June, 2020 - Session 01

Online AWS Training Series - 14th June, 2020 - Session 02


Topics to cover for Session 03 - Read here for complete details to study and practice before Session 03 which would happen on 28th June, 2020. In this session, we will answer your doubts from the topics covered in following links. Please go through this and come for the session with your doubts. 



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