AWS Live Training: Solutions Architect + SysOps Administrator (32 hours) | August 2017

Hello all,

As the successful execution of July program goes on, I would like to announce the schedule of August month's AWS training.

It is going to be of 32 hours and covers 2 Associate tracks - Solutions Architect & SysOps Administrator. I am organizing these classes so that our serious learners could get more value for their investment and they could move forward comparatively faster. Also, this gives them (comparatively) more access to ask questions during the class.

I want to stress a point again here; I am not a supporter of gaining certification by preparing specifically for it. Rather, I recommend learning the platform enough that you don't have to prepare for certification - you should be able to clear it just with your sheer knowledge and experience. Upcoming training classes are going to be filled with demos and discussions. Please see the agenda below.

This time we are organising it at a time which is suitable for US, India, Gulf & Europe.

Duration: 32 hours (via WebEx)
Timing: 7 to 11 PM (IST)
Dates: 5, 6, 12, 13, 19, 20, 26, 27 August (4 hours each day) all weekends
Cost: INR 19,999/- (or equivalent in USD)

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You can send me direct message on LinkedIn or email me to block your seat and receive next steps. SHARE this post with a friend who is looking to learn AWS in a proper way :)

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