Learning AWS with KnowledgeIndia -- An IMPORTANT post

Hello friends, 

First of all, I want to thank all the viewers who have shared our videos and spread information about YouTube Channel. We just crossed 4,000 subscribers. This number is not very big compared to the appreciation which you people write in comments. 

Here are few important things for our serious learners:
  1.  Blog is the best form to combine different forms of content (video, audio, text etc.) in a logical order. Going forward, you will see more activity on the blog and I would recommend everyone to learn the topics from posts on the blog. So, please SUBSCRIBE to the blog now (see right side) and do the verification once email comes to your mailbox.  Check SPAM as well.
  2. If you are subscribed to YouTube Channel, its good. But, I would request to go and click the BELL icon so that you receive email alerts of all the new videos. An example is shown here --
  3. Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn are great platforms to share smaller things like any good article or really good AWS post (with lots of examples). So, I would be sharing those items on these social platforms. Please get connected on these - Links are given at the top
  4. Many of the viewers post lot of custom doubts on YouTube comments. I spend considerable amount of time answering all. Sadly, once the query gets answered I don't even get an acknowledgement. May I request you to SHARE and LIKE if something is helpful to you. 
  5. I am also thinking to setup a FORUM where we all could discuss and comment. Suggestions welcome!!
  6. Please look at the AWS video playlists, the videos are put in a logical order in the playlists. 
  7. While posting doubts/questions, kindly look at the relevant video/blog post. Many of the times, your question would already be there in the comments (asked previously by someone else). 
  8. I am trying to cover the concepts and explain you with examples, but I also request you NOT to stop there. You should go ahead and read the AWS documentation for the specific topic and go deeper. 
  9. And at last, if you have got benefited from KnowledgeIndia videos, I request you to write a small testimonial on LinkedIn/Facebook. (Both the links are given at top).
ALL the best guys. Happy learning AWS.  

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