Architecting on AWS - Case Study ASA001 - April 08, 2017

We shall be joining this Saturday (April 08, 2017) via Live YouTube Session (link here) to discuss the Architecting on AWS case study. Please see the case study below and ensure to join the broadcast in time. 

A customer has given following problem in an RFP. Create the solution for the customer with applicable AWS services and explain the advantages. 
  • Company ABC is currently operating in USA for the past 10 years with all infrastructure in-house. 
  • They want to move their existing JAVA based website to Cloud now, because of increasing traffic. 
  • Their HQ is located at New Jersey. They receive traffic from all over the world. 
  • They would want to make use of existing Microsoft Active Directory (on-prem) to validate their employees on the website. 
  • Also, they would want the solution to be flexible enough to handle weekend spikes in traffic. 
  • In addition to this, they want to have an ETL server (Informatica) on cloud and the results of ETL should be shown on Tableau. These dashboards would be embedded on their website. 
  • Recommend a complete architecture for this RFP along with complete infrastructure details and pricing. 
  • Also, suggest the customer different pricing strategies to handle the DEV, TEST and PROD environment for the above setup on AWS.
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