SysOps on AWS - Case Study ASOP001 - April 09, 2017

We shall be joining this Sunday (April 09, 2017) via Live YouTube Session (link here) to discuss the SysOps on AWS case study. Please see the case study below and ensure to join the broadcast in time.

Your organization has got the final architecture for a new upcoming web solution. Read through the following and implement the same on AWS.
  1. The web solution makes use of and SQL Server. 
  2. It also has lot of static assets e.g. images, audio, video etc. 
  3. Region of choice is Oregon (US). 
  4. Implement High-availability with auto-scaling. 
  5. Instance types for Web-server to be m4.large with 200GB EBS SSD volumes. 
  6. Under normal conditions, 4 servers are enough. Implement auto-scaling to add more servers when CPU utilization is more than 80% for 15 mins. Maximum number of servers could be 8. 
  7. Make use of CDN (CloudFront) to distribute the static content across the world. 
  8. Create different IAM users and groups - 
    • Group1: Have access to start/stop EC2 instances and reboot RDS instances. 
    • Group2: Have full rights on S3. Enable Detailed Cloudwatch monitoring and create Cloudwatch alarms on these instances and subscribe it to respective organization DLs. 
  9. Setup the VPC to achieve above use-case. In the created VPC, keep EC2 and RDS private. ELB would be public-facing. Setup Security Groups and NACL as per best practices.
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