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Monday, 10 April 2017

Based on your request

Hello Friends, 

We had a wonderful Live Session last sunday on SysOps case study and based on your request, i have created necessary pages on the blog. 

  1. This page allows you to share your AWS Certification experience. So, please go ahead and help others. 
  2. This page gives you a chance to talk about KnowledgeIndia and let others know the way it helps you
I am sure you will take out time and contribute here. Hoping to bring lot more tutorials very soon. 

Also, the calendar is updated. Please see on the right side and join us on the coming weekend. 

Happy learning AWS, practice more and more !!!


  1. I have one question, when we setup ELB, in the second tab it asks us the traffic type it will accept and where should it be redirected to. In the second tab, it asks for the security group that we want to place it into.

    Security group defines what are the incoming protocols and from where it can come. I believe the first part of it was already specified in second tab so why does it ask the same question again in SG.

    If I dont enable http in SG and still have HTTP set as "load balancer protocol" will it work ?

  2. If I dont enable http in SG and still have HTTP set as "load balancer protocol" will it work ? --- NO, it won't work.

    To understand this, you need to visualize it like this -- Security Group is an additional layer of Firewall on the instances. Whereas, the Listener configuration (ports and protocol you define on ELB) is a property you are setting on ELB level (think it inside ELB).

    It is possible that you accept traffic on 443 on ELB and send traffic to instances on 80. In such a case, for ELB SG, you should have 443 inbound and 80 outbound open. We do not realize it normally, as Outbound all would be open.

    Nutshell, both should be allowed.


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