Welcome to Learning AWS

I have talked to so many IT professionals who want to get started and learn AWS. There are many reasons behind this:
  • Professional growth
  • Hike needed :) 
  • Craving to learn any new platform
  • Being in love with AWS (because of its features maturity)
You may belong to any of the above, but if you are serious about learning AWS then it is very important to understand that it is vast and you will have to spend time and energy to learn it systematically.

AWS is really good in terms of providing wonderful documentation and Free-tier benefits (under a new account for 12 months) so that you can learn the platform without spending any money. I suggest watching this video to understand the same and visit AWS FREE TIER website to read to the finest details.

Once you have created your AWS account and you are ready to learn further, please choose a track which you would follow (in case you also want to get certified). It is perfectly fine to learn the stuff and not do any certification but most of the professionals do it as it gives them visibility during Job change. Following video helps you in choosing the track based on your skills/role:

Post this, you should ideally understand the services which form the building blocks of AWS and the additional services required for your AWS certification track. This video explains you the same in 10 minutes.

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